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Richard is a mathematics professor at Quest University Canada in Squamish, BC.  He has published 34 research papers, including two that received the Deployed Application Award from the world's largest Artificial Intelligence research society.  In 2017, Richard became the youngest-ever recipient of the Adrien Pouliot Award, a lifetime recognition for significant and sustained contributions to math education in Canada. 

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Richard is the author of The Math Olympian, the semi-autobiographical story of an insecure teenager who pursues the unrealistic goal of representing her country at the International Mathematical Olympiad, and discovers a life filled with meaning, purpose, and joy.  Goodreads has ranked The Math Olympian #1 in Best Books Scientists Should Read Before the Age of Twenty and #1 in Best Young Adult Books that Empower.

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Richard is one of the world's leading experts in Scheduling Optimization, and has applied his problem-solving skills to help numerous organizations improve their effectiveness.  Among his past clients are three Canadian TV game shows and the Japanese baseball league.  Richard now works with schools and small businesses to implement customized automated scheduling systems to maximize employee satisfaction.

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